Founded in 2000, Web Tech of Iowa specializes in technology consulting, web site design, and web hosting for a wide variety of businesses, particularly small businesses. 


Our services

Website Design & Managment

Let Us Design Your Next Website!

Technology Consulting

Let us steer your business technology needs.

Microsoft Windows

Expert service of all Windows operating systems (Server and Workstations) And we fix Mac's too!

Network Engineering

Wired or wireless, we can handle all things networking.

Cloud Ready

Knowledgeable of all cloud services that can help your business grow and scale with out a sweat. This includes MS office 365 and google g-suite.

Business Process Flow

We can assist in business process flow and help integrate and implement technology based solutions.

Why Small Businesses?

The small business is the perfect example of the American dream of working for yourself and shaping your own destiny. Technology has provided multi-fold benefits to the business world, and has revolutionized the way business is done. You don’t need millions of dollars or an information technology department to implement cutting-edge technology. You just need Web Tech of Iowa!

Web Tech of Iowa designs and maintains web sites and computer systems for several companies in the Dubuque and Delaware County, Iowa area. We can work with you to develop your own web site, computer network, or software system. Our staff is experienced with a variety of today’s most common, popular technologies. Staffers have worked in a variety of environments and businesses, and can use those experiences to benefit your business. We are well versed in translating common speak to technical lingo and back again. Web Tech of Iowa is also happy to work with a variety of partners that my already be providing an existing service.

bad taste?

Do not let tech advice from others leave a bad taste in your mouth.  At WebTech of Iowa we pride ourselves in making the complex understandable.  If desired we can just resort to magic if the details are just too much to bear.  For every acronym there is a perfectly explanation so give us a call ASAP for all your CSM, IOT, BYOD, MFA, or RDP needs.